Saturday, 25 May 2013

Kingdom Knights review - online - facebook

Kingdom Knights - to play on Facebook - and still in beta is a well built mix of strategy and role playing. 
The look is anime like, with excellent graphics, good level of details, well assorted sounds and a vast array of features, items, gear, power-ups and buildings.

You'll start on an "island" with a patch of land and the option to expand by buying the neighboring lands with money and, earned through battles, expansion permits.
As in any strategy game one of the main parts is building your infrastructure: houses, farms, lumber yards, hunter cabins, quarries and so on. Decor features will improve happiness (that will bring production bonus). 
Each feature costs and brings a certain amount of money and supplies, 2 of the main resources in game.

Military buildings are needed for troops: barracks, archery, stable, training ground and so on.
The Blackwater Inn will allow hiring mercenaries, and crafting as soon as you get the Blacksmith.
Each military requires various rank upgrades and skills upgrades all depending on your level and troops rank and there's a certain time for recruiting, researching and upgrading.
Every operation in game consumes your energy. The amount of energy depends on your level, replenish in time and on each level upgrade. Also it can be replenished through various potions.
The basics of the game are based on in-game missions related to infrastructure and battles.
Battles so far goes on level missions each in another map location and are sort of turn-based but not player-controlled. All you do is deploy troops, supply them with goods and then the battle scenario is self-generated based on rank, skills, and power-ups.

A new feature was recently added - The Rise of the Dragoons but the lowest Thunderpeak map requested to enter training grounds has a 100k supplies price so will wait for now :).
As any monetized F2P there gems that can be bought on real money and used to enhanced and buy various items. Gems are also part of various rewards so it's ok if you don't want to invest.
Also being MMO there friends / allies to invite and cooperate with in various missions, including military and you'll even get an Embassy.
Rating goes 3.5 - 4 (out of 5) and for a game still in beta goes quite well.
1 major no-no: Unity Web Player plugin sometimes crashes - the image freeze and you have to refresh, or in the best cases just exists full screen. 
Overall if you have a FB account go try the game - it's easy handling and playing even for a newbie into this.