Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Saturday 5 Roundabouts 23-04-16

Good morning.
After some consideration I decided to bring back the Saturday 5 Roundabouts of the now out in the blue closed Underground blog. Why 5 - well there 5 working days on week aren't they?
What was worth looking at this week? - from my point of view again, you may disagree at your will :)

Number1. In a short but enlightening Monday Twitch stream Rebellion team launched the remaster of Battlezone 98 Redux - a blend of strategy and shooter that was with no doubt one of the best games of 98. Is it one of the best games of 2016? Well that depends. From a nostalgic perspective most of the opinions emerged from the week's reviews are positive to very positive (to use the Steam criteria). Some small voices of disappointment have been heard but many of them with arguments from odd to hilarious. To be noted tho is not a perfect game, it's ok to criticize. It has some minor flaws but it's still a great game to play. From a newbie perspective it's not a game in the current trends of the market so it may be either a nice surprise either a "it's not my cup o' tea". I really liked it (you can read my complete review) and is a job nicely done. WTG Rebellion.

Number2. Gamezebo brings back the casual PC games. After being bought by iWin and as expected, considering the buyer basics, GZ brings back that part that brought them in the market attention at opening. Casual PC games like HOPAs (hidden object puzzle adventure for newbies) strategy, board and M3 (match 3) were and will again be reviewed and most likely also getting walkthroughs on the site. We will still have consistent info from the mobile world  is just a new or renewed if you prefer addition. According to the info at this point GZ will continue to refurbish but it seems a long term goal. It just gonna be bigger :) Wishing them all the best.


Number3. Fallen London from Failbetter Games, one of the most interesting interactive browser-based adventures has landed to iOS. Considering the mechanics of the game, with the gazillion of options in hand, multiple paths and choices going with a mobile version was a very natural step. It is the kind of game you would like to carry with you. I'm not gonna make a review of the game as there plenty on the web but it is a game really worth playing. It requires a sense of adventure and feel for intrigues and noir-gothic thingies and is a text based also, so maybe not on your taste but give it try. there's nothing to lose.

Number4. Amazon has "extended its "Prime-Exclusive Items" initiative to block non-Prime members from being able to purchase certain video games" - source Games like Assassins Creed Syndicate, or GTA V will be available to purchase only by the Prime members. Or doesn't, or does, or ... well in the end I supposed we will know. If you are a non-Prime you will know for sure. I hope Amazon realizes that we can buy games from elsewhere.

Number5. Magicka: Wizard Wars closes on July 21. That's sad. After quite a nice time of playing in Early Access and just about a year after it's market release, based on numbers the game doesn't seem to do well enough to be sustainable. It's quite a surprise considering that f2p MOBAs are in the market trend. I don't know what went wrong as others agree to quote "it's an unfortunate conclusion, because Magicka: Wizard Wars showed real promise" (Andy Chalk on PCGamer). The game just didn't get to the public heart from some reasons. Thank you Paradox Interactive for the good moments anyway.

Well that's about it. See ya next week and happy gaming.