Saturday, 5 November 2016

Battlezone PSVR - arcade blues panic

Needed some time to dive in this game for a proper review :) as haven't really played in VR before. VR is the future that just became the present as usually happens and is not just for games. But when it comes to games it's still and expensive gadget. Well, if you read that it sell massively in Japan, it did. But if you're not from Japan or never been there know that: half of the things they have there are still your future.
Now back to Battlezone PSVR this is, and in the same time is not, the game to start the VR experience. I'll explain. It brought an old game from the past directly into the future by skipping the present. And if you think Battlezone 98 Redux, no, that is an old game refurbished for the present and there are 2 different games. And I'm not gonna say Tron also. Whoops I just said it :). Ok it does have some Tron-ish elements, but is not Tron. It has many other "ish" elements, after all with so many games on the market you ain't gonna play one that doesn't have anything "ish".
Being an arcade game with roguelike aspects, where you have to get bigger and better, it feels right for a VR noob choice. But is not very forgiven, and it doesn't hand much baby-steps for learning, which makes it not really noob suitable. 
In regards with the background, the graphics, sounds and special effects are a great built perfectly assembled to provide with an adrenaline rush amazing experience. It feels so right, so natural.

The tank inside is my all time favourite, it makes you believe like being there and it looks awesome. And it handles very well and quite smoothly after you've learned the controls.

The missions are getting progressively hard. There isn't a high variety and basically all are based on taking over and over your enemies, invaders style. But it gives exactly what I was expecting, the joy of a true arcade shooter. And as you progress, and unlock the goodies, it goes more and more catchy. Destroy the objective is my personal favourite mission type. My first defense mission gave me a reminder of the Starcraft - Desperate Alliance panic moments (yeah that Terran mission where you have to survive for 30 minutes)  I like a bit of a challenge, I mean it has to be challenging to prevent becoming repetitive boring. But it does require patience and mastering the tank.

The co-op is a tricky business. Yes is fun to play, it makes everything better, bigger, and more rewarding but it requires a good understanding and a certain level of trust. I've read about players that are abandoning their teammates in the middle of the mission. I only played once in a private host and was awesome but am not sure I want to dive into the unknown with random players. Important note don't go in co-op before you learn to master the elements as you will ruin your teammates VR life. Unless you can play with friends and learn together. Then it will be a nice, useful and pleasant going.
Overall to make a sum this is an arcade blues, with panic moments, that provides with the sheer satisfaction of blasting a gazillion of enemies into pieces. And if you can get into a trusty team the co-op is worth every moment. If you expect more than that, then it's not the game for you.
As a final note tho - the game should go playable on other VR systems. As said is a quite expensive gadget and there aren't many willing to buy more than one. Someone who already has another VR system will very unlikely buy PSVR too. A cross-platform would give this game a better perspective. But for me is an almost solid 4 out of 5 stars (some flaws but nothing critical and, except the players common sense in regards with the co-op courtesy, all patchable). Worth playing.