Friday, 17 February 2017

Sniper Elite 4 - "if it looks good, eat it"

All roads leads to Rome so is said. Well these roads sure do.
Sniper Elite 4 moves to Rome and it looks good. I'm not a pro reviewer. I write about the things I really like that's why is rare (am quite demanding).
I'm not dissecting games with technical thingies as in fps, high tones, low tones, resolutions and whatever.
As Andrew Zimmern says "if it looks good, eat it". This is the guy with the Bizzare Foods show which I liked because unlike others it was not just a show-off, as in "look at me I can eat grubs" it really showed that you can eat everything.
Now back to our game, Sniper Elite 4 is with no doubt from my part, the best of it's series. You can see that it was made by people who cared and enjoyed doing it.
First noticeable thing - it's big. And I mean seriously, the maps are giving you a vast area with a satisfying feeling of exploration that usually only on open world RPGs and adv games is found. The areas are completed with detailed set-ups, enchanting elements - like bushes that waves in the wind, and pretty flowers, amazing sunlight and tricky shadows. It's wow, for a moment you can forget that you are playing in the middle of the war, and you have to kill.
As all these elements are not just pretty, are also efficient. The game is a lot more tactical. There are various routes options, multiple places to hide and take on the enemy which gives you time and means to strategize.
Customization went to a bigger scale too allowing to manage you gear and enhance your weapons the way it suits the best for you. Therefore each mission can be accomplished by trying various combos of elements, is not a straightforward path. And there are plenty of missions with all the specific goals of the real war very professional implemented. They documented well. Yes this comes accompanied by extremely visual modes of killing so if is not your cuppa better stay off. 
And the game handles smoothly, it makes an easy fluid and natural transition of movements, from jumping, crawling, sneaking, shimmy-ledge (this is one thing I wanted to see how well it goes) and running.
Multiplayer brings all these elements to an even higher level of strategy especially in co-op. All you have to do is get some friends that are open minded and knows how to communicate to each other. Avoid show-offs, this is a candle-light dinner, not a sacrificial meal. Even when you're counting nuts. :)
The best of this game is that is not the typical run and shoot everything that moves like a high-score chaser. It allows you to play in your own rhythm. It makes you think. It brings a different scenery and approach than the latest, fantasy / sci-fi, spy / modern combat games (I do like those but I also like to see something different).
And for the fans it has collectables and plenty of achievements to go for it. If you care about these things.
It doesn't mean that the game is flawless, but the minor glitches and whatever technical thingies escapes me, well you got the picture "escapes me". Those disappears on the sheer satisfaction of punching, shooting, crushing and blowing-up, all garnished with the Italian charm brought to us by some nice Brits. 
So, yes again, "if it looks good, eat it."