Saturday, 16 April 2016

The bank of games ... why you should impress me :)

To start with the ... "I am the gamer you want".
No really, seriously, I am because I like buying games and investing in games.
The "bank of games" (just a name by the way not a true real bank with safes and employees),  is a pretty neat idea that came to me out of the blue and started with a jar. To make a jar into a "bank" requires close, reliable, trusted friends. So I'm not posting it here to promote it but maybe others will adopt the idea.
Tho I like buying game I can't buy all of them, I can't play all of them, as I have a life. A quite busy one lately.
So it may happen to overlook some good games and only notice them when on sale, or if the promos are becoming more frequent, or it just pops under my eyes.
As so the "bank" idea came to me one day when I bought a game on sale. It was a very good game for which I would have payed the full price with no regrets. And then it hit me. Well if I would have payed the full price why not use the difference to buy another game, or something like that. I haven't had anything planned at that time . I just tossed the money (the price difference from the sale cost to the full price) into a jar. It wasn't a large sum to begin with but I repeated that every time I bought a game that I really liked, on sale. Even better 2 of my games friends I have told about my "games jar" decided to join in and do the same thing. So when the jar was full it was quite a nice amount of money - nice enough to count for someone. We searched for games that needed support, on funding platforms, media promos or other internet platforms like this and picked the one that looked the most interesting and promising. And we backed it.
So it went on and it extended in a larger environment (yup it's not a jar anymore) with a larger bunch of friends. It goes on the same principle it started with. Every time one of us buys a game on sale and is that good that we would have payed the full price, the difference goes into the "games bank".

It was a bit of work in the beginning to establish what and how we vote for. All projects related to making a game, making a games related site, games events, are eligible. As long as involves games :)
The "bank" members are searching for projects on the internet and then those are submitted for approval.
When the sum is big enough the project with the most votes gets the money.
Is as simple as that, but again, as said - you need close, trusted, reliable friends to do this, and it works.
With that being concluded this is just an info to give you the idea, please do not send requests. 
Happy gaming and keep in mind, you have to impress me if you want my money :). I am the gamer you want.