Sunday, 20 March 2016

A view on Twitter games world ... that may be wrong :)

I started this after reading some opinions less and more to the point and less and more exaggerated about Twitter. Where have I read those? On Facebook of course. :)
Nowadays everybody has an opinion about everything. So point to note this is may view on Twitter and it resumes to games world am not floating on internet every area every day I have things to do.
And it may be wrong but it's my wrong so ... you don't have to agree :)
The most often seen criticism about T is the shortness of the posts the 140 limit. Actually you can say a lot in less than 140 characters. Here are some famous quotes of history in less than that:
To be or not to be
My kingdom for a horse
Cogito ergo sum (I think therefore I am) *note to FB :)
And so on, you got the picture.
Back to games posts on T my notable "there's something wrong with this picture" is the absence of criticism. In fact is not absent is just not very visible. And there 2 reasons why.
Number 1 - is hard to criticize in 140 characters. Why? Praising is easy.
"Oh this is great, fabulous, amazing, fantastic, yada yada yada blablabla "
People are ready to accept that at any time. You don't have to argue, it's the human nature we are ready to accept the compliments with no further explanations. Which doesn't go for criticism. That you have to explain. You need arguments and is hard to put that in only 140. "You stink" now that's not constructive, that's more like trolling. "I didn't like the gameplay". Ok,why? See, and it can on and on. Consequently the solution is to review the game, blog, vlog, personal site, whatever and put the link there. That goes for praising too. But what if you're not a blogger, vlogger, Twitcher, Youtuber and so? You are a gamer.
Point to FB you can write a review there with no limits. But not on T because they like to gather those links. It's the foundation of leaks and gossips like it or not. Ok that goes for FB too but we are on T now. The question is - do the games developers and games reviewers want to really here us the gamers? I like to think they really want. Am sure that almost all of them if not all don't want to be lied nicely? Right? And that brings us to:
Number 2 - am not expecting that the developers and the rest of the media people to RT a criticism. I haven't seen any I would be utterly impress to find one such RT. Am sure they are reading the critics and assume the constructive ones because it helps them to make better games (that's why Forums exists). So the negative point doesn't go to the developers and the media people but to Twitter. It's not a constructive thing, is just a showcase. Don't get me wrong there is useful info there on events mostly, conferences, games releases. But most gamers prefers the dedicated sites and one of the main reasons is because they can largely comment about. That makes Twitter more into a showcase as said, than into a dialogue. It is funny at time but it has a lot of "meh" too. I still like to "fish" for some clever "tweets" and I have some "fellows in fun" there that makes me to appreciate the ingenuity of the human mind when it has to stick with the 140. And there are some criticisms posted you just need to dig in deep.
Therefore I offer my ultimate respect to the one game developer that will ever RT a criticism. If you know one let me know. :)
Happy gaming,
The Ogre
PS constructive criticism, trolls not allowed.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Why a Rebellion fan ? :)

In the yesterday Twitch of Rebellion Q&A about Sniper Elite 4 launch I was asked if I have played all the games made by Rebellion. The answer was yes.
This kind of post is usually reserved to Underground but will put it here too for just in case.
The reason am a "super duper" Rebellion fan is not mysterious nor spectacular, and it happened like this:
I always liked video games, and few years ago my grandpa bought me Sniper Elite. And I liked it, and have played quite a lot.
Then it came that time when I was sick. In the days of doing chemo I was quite weak and there were not many things I could do. So my grandpa came with the idea that maybe playing games will help me pass the time better and keep my mind off things.
My grandpa doesn't know much about games, but he remembered the name of the company on the game he previously bought. Since he knew I liked that, he bought all the games he found under the Rebellion name at that time :). So I tried them all. I can't say that I liked all of them to the max but there are mostly good up to very good. According to my taste.
Sniper Elite will probably be always my favourite series.
Anyway the main part of this story is that grandpa was right. It worked.
Reason why Rebellion is more to me than just a bunch of games.
That's why. :)